Splitface Concrete Blocks

An "oldie but a goodie"! Splitface Blocks are made with a splitting action that creates a unique 'rock hewn' look to the masonary block. It has been a favourite for decades and continues to be used extensively for new buildings, fences and retaining walls. Splitface concrete blocks do not just look great as a retaining wall or fence but also are used for an external wall, or even internal feature wall, for house, units or commercial buildings and offices.

Splitface Retaining Wall Blocks: Unique, Designer Concrete Masonry

Standard splitface conctrete blocks are just one of the options for retaining walls.

Heron ® Retaining Wall Blocks have a specially designed locking system that makes it easy for the handyman to put together for basic garden walls and landscaping projects. No messy mortor mixing to clean up as the blocks lock into position with each other. The specially designed corner block and capping block adds to the ease of putting your wall together.

Austral Heron Split Standard Block

Heron Standard Split Face

Austral Heron Split Corner Block

Heron Corner Split Face

Austral Heron Split End Block

Heron End Block Split Face

Austral Heron Split Capping Block

Heron Capping Split Face

The Heron ® Retaining Wall Blocks are structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing to enhance landscaping projects. It is just one of the many options for splitface concrete coloured blocks available through Concrete Blocks Brisbane that will enhance your next building or renovation project.


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